Chef Teddy is a longtime steward of the region’s craft beer scene. He co-founded DC Beer Week and has served as Brewery Ommegang’s Culinary Ambassador since 2010. Under Chef Teddy and Beverage Director Pat McMonagle, BAROAK has emerged as a hopping hotspot for one-of-a-kind craft beer. With more than 70 varieties, BAROAK’s extensive beer list plays up the chef’s love of Belgian brews, showcasing complex tripels, witbiers, and rare international finds.

BAROAK’s menu showcases its philosophy that beer deserves a place not only on the table, but also in the kitchen. The chef’s onion soup features Ommegang Abbey Ale, while beer mussels, a house specialty, spotlight flavorful Belgian witbier.

Chef Teddy continues to travel cross-country, hosting events and forging relationships with microbrewers that enable him to regularly introduce new flavors to BAROAK’s beer lineup.

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